Get your head straight – Lose the anger….

Bottle of Jack on the Beach

Everywhere I go these days people are pissed off.

And when I ask them what is bothering them – they typically go off on a screamfest.

In A Nutshell:  Have you taken any time for yourself lately?   I mean really stepped away from daily life, – turned off the gadgets – and not spoken with anyone for 8 hours?  I highly recommend it.

I am not some woo-woo spiritual guru trying to convince you to have balance in your life.

There is no freakin’ balance in life.

Or at least I haven’t found it.

Life seems to be one long string of chaotic intrigue these days.

If you walk around smiling – and doing your best to have a good day, – some a-hole is going to make it their job to make you miserable.

So what is my solution?

Sorry folks I don’t have one for you.

During the Pandemic I moved to an old cabin on a lake about 30 miles from the Canadian border.

It was heaven…..until people found out about it, moved there and started honking horns and flipping me off for driving around in my old 64 GMC pickup.

Guess I was going to slow for them…..  I think there is a country song about that ‘SumBeach’

 So I guess I do have a solution to keeping a smile on your face.

Head to sum beach, some where – and take a very long walk – after choking the neck on a bottle of Jack.

It won’t cure other peoples problems, – but you won’t care…..


Honey, I'm Home....
Honey, I’m Home….

It’s Friday…..  over and out!

And, remember, its 5 o’clock somewhere….. I feel happier already….


Take a walk on the Wild Side:

P.S.        Best All Inclusives with the Best Beaches

P.P.S     Long walks on a clothing optional beach :-)

“A vacation is what you take – when you can no longer take what you have been taking.”

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