Trivago Survey: Consumers Say They’d Give Up Their Savings, Job and Sex Life to Travel Again

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What would you give up to travel again?

In a nutshell: A new travel study released by Trivago says that 80% of consumers believe the inability to travel  is the worst part of the pandemic!

We can all agree that Covid changed the way we travel!  And, it’s clear that ‘modern’ travel has been altered – maybe forever.

The vaccine rollout is upon us and restrictions are beginning to lift in different areas around the world so with all of this in mind, Trivago (search platform) conducted a survey to see how consumers are planning and dreaming about travel in 2021.

This newly released study came out of Dusseldorf, Germany, where Trivago is located, and was conducted between January 3 – 9 with over 2,000 adults in the U.S. and U.K.

So would you give up your savings, your job, and/or your sex life to travel again?   Consumers in this study said yes, yes, yes!

The results revealed a deep desire to travel and included what consumers would give up, what they’d like to do, where they’d like to go, and why they’d like to get back on the road.

Here are the Findings of the Trivago Travel Survey


We’d Give Up A Lot to Travel Again

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Thinking about their first trip after the pandemic, majorities say it makes them feel “excited” (US, 56%; UK, 54%) and/or “happy” (US, 53%; UK, 52%). In fact, we’re so desperate to travel, 25% of both Britons and Americans say they’d give up all their savings to do it now, and around two-fifths (US, 38%; UK, 40%) say they’d give up sex for a year to get on the road right away.

One in five said they would give up their partner to travel now, and even more telling, nearly half would give up their job (US, 48%; UK, 41%).

It’s clear that travel plays a massive role in our lives and overall happiness.

2020 Made Us Focus on Self-Care, But How Does Travel Fit In?

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More than 80% of those surveyed somewhat or strongly agree that travel is a part of a well-rounded life. The concept of travel as a form of selfcare/wellness and to expand one’s perspective is one that continues to grow. In both countries substantial majorities say that being prevented from traveling freely is one of the worst aspects of the pandemic (US, 81%; UK, 82%) and that because of the pandemic this is the most they’ve ever felt like traveling (US, 58%; UK, 61%).

Increasingly, we see emotional well-being as another driver for travel and the need to get away. When they do travel, respondents appear likely to incorporate new interests – more than half (US, 57%; UK, 56%) say they’ve picked up a new hobby since the start of the pandemic, with most who’ve done so expressing surprise at their newfound passion. The vast majority of those (US, 68%; UK, 64%) think it’s at least somewhat likely they’ll pick a vacation connected to the new hobby once the pandemic ends.

Given all this, a travel boom post-pandemic appears likely as consumers strive to make up for lost time.

The Definition of a Dream Vacation Has Changed

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The typical idea of a big trip or vacation – planned ahead and saved for – is becoming obsolete with travel restrictions and the ability to plan ahead all but impossible. In addition, the isolation and distance of lock downs has changed the dynamic of dream vacations as we think of them. The #1 choice for Americans and Britons for their “dream vacation” was a chance to spend “time with the family and friends I’ve missed” (US, 26%; UK, 34%), with this particularly high with seniors in each country (US, 35%; UK, 47%).

Overall, traveling again is inevitable. More than 4 in 5 of the respondents (US, 84%; UK, 87%) of the Trivago Travel Survey see travel as fundamental to a good life and two-thirds or more (US, 72%; UK, 66%) say they plan to travel even more than they have in the past once the pandemic ends.

While you’re dreaming of that special trip, you don’t have to stay put. Local getaways, weekend road trips and “staycations” can be enjoyed safely with proper planning and precautions.

Where do you want to go this year?  Let us know in the comments.

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