‘Guacamania’ Fest Comes to Mexico’s Velas Resorts

Guacamole served at Guacamania Fest at Velas Resorts
Vallarta Daily News - Guacamania Fest comes to Velas Resorts

If beer can have its own festival, and even tomatoes get their time in the spotlight, why not a celebration of avocados?

In a Nutshell: Velas Resorts debuts ‘Guacamania’, a totally made-up month-long festival celebrating the avocado and its Mexican heritage, and plans to capitalize on the flavor and nutritional value of this famed fruit by featuring new menu items, avocado-inspired cocktails, spa treatments, and more.

OK raise your hand if you didn’t know that avocados are actually a fruit…… one…two…three…eleventy-thousand, nine-hundred and twenty-two….four-zillion and fifty-eight……um yep, I guess that means a lot of us.

In our defense, at least we were aware that avocados are very heart-healthy and high in potassium, and super-yummy when smashed up with (insert your fave quac recipe here) and served with chips and margaritas, right?

If you’re staying at a Velas Resort (in Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya, and Riviera Nayarit) you’ll be seeing avocados pretty much everywhere – in your welcome cocktail, in smoothies and popsicles by the pool, in many of the dishes on menus, and even in the Spa (as skin treatments)….holy guacamole, Batman, that’s a lot of avocado!

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