How to Have Great Sex on Vacation

How to have great sex on vacation

Great vacation sex. Some people believe it’s a myth, like Yeti or Nessie ….or as elusive as winning the Powerball.

It isn’t a myth, and it doesn’t have to be elusive. But it does take some planning, effort, and of course …..choosing the right nookie-friendly resort!

The Top 4 Great Vacation Sex MUST HAVES:

  1. A positive (and sexy) attitude. If you’re holding onto old grudges, let them go. The secret to having great sex on vacation is to start by getting back in touch with that wild, not-afraid-of-PDA, youthful side of yourself…..and remembering what it was like when you felt that first flush of desire for your partner. That won’t happen if you’re still mad over last week’s argument, or feeling porky ’cause you’ve put on a few pounds. Wipe the fight-slate clean, let it all go, look yourself in the mirror, and scream “I’m a bad-ass SEXY motherf&*%ing human being!!” Repeat it as many times as it takes, you’ll know you’re good to go when you feel like jumping your mailman. Or anyone.
  2. Get your clothes off!…..okay maybe not in public (unless you want to try a nude resort, or just somewhere you can sunbathe topless), but when you’re alone with your partner let go of any inhibitions, get over any self-image baggage, and stop worrying about what you look like….seeing plenty of skin is a great ‘fire-igniter’……let it burn, baby!
  3. learn what to look for when you want to create the perfect backdrop for a wild, rock-your-world, gettin’-so-much-you-go-home-sore vacation.

  4. A few sexy outfits and some costumes. Yes, I said ‘costumes’. Surprise your partner by rockin’ a sexy schoolgirl look, or that naughty nurse/bad cop/frisky nun — whatever, the point is putting on a costume lets you become someone new, and act in ways you might not otherwise, which is sexy as hell. If you just can’t do costumes, lingerie (especially corsets!) is a great option, or try going to dinner commando under that little black dress, and make sure your partner knows it. I once playfully flipped up the back of my dress and granted my boyfriend a nice view of my naked behind while he followed me up the steps to a restaurant. He was so happily stunned that he could barely speak during dinner, and needless to say we didn’t linger over dessert. :-)
  5. Most importantly, a resort that puts romance ‘center stage’. Most resorts offer top-notch locales, many are elegant, some are more intimate, but a ‘romantic vibe’ takes a special effort. A number of factors go into setting the stage for reconnecting as lovers on both an emotional and physical level, so read on to learn what to look for when you want to create the perfect backdrop for a wild, rock-your-world, gettin’-so-much-you-go-home-sore vacation.

The ideal resort for great vacation sex should have:

Opportunities for Privacy

Those little details that help you create a sense of your own private Idaho, such as:

  • Side walls on your balcony and a room on a high-enough floor that you don’t worry about peepers.
  • If you’re sharing a suite with kids, be sure it has a ‘master’ bedroom with a DOOR (that locks)!
  • A private jacuzzi, either in the room or on the balcony – washing each other as a prelude to sex is both intimate and arousing – just remember that sex IN the jacuzzi can be bad, because the water washes away your natural lubrication. ‘Nuff said. :-(
  • Beach and/or pool beds (not just chaise lounges) – bonus if it has curtains, at least on the sides, as sometimes the illusion of privacy is all you need to create an intimate environment.
  • Small intimate booths or corner tables in the restaurants, cozy corners in the bars and lounges.
Opportunities for Intimacy
  • A nice loooong beach for walking on hand-in-hand with your beloved, preferably sans seaweed and paddle-ball-playing euro-snobs. Do that silly writing-your-names-inside-a-heart on the sand thing and take a picture with your smartphone, so you can look at it the next time you get mad at your beloved and want to bash him with your phone… should help diffuse the anger.
  • At least a few romantic a la carte restaurants – leave the buffet to the gotta-get-my-money’s-worth crowd (or families)…’s great for stuffing your face, but it ain’t sexy. Restaurant photos should feature plenty of tables-for-two, candlelight ambiance, and elegant décor.
  • A private dinner-for-two on the beach – this one is a must-do, even if it’s a once-per-vacation splurge.
  • 24 hour Room Service, so you can have a romantic dinner in your suite followed by ummm….yeah you know what. Play with your dessert. Or even better, have a rousing round of awe-inspiring sex, THEN call for room service!
      Bonus Tips:

    • If you’re staying in for dinner, consider dressing up just as you would if you’re going out — few things are sexier than undressing your partner, and most men LOVE to unzip a woman’s dress, spend a few minutes admiring the sexy lingerie, then rip it off……whew, I’m getting goosebumps just writing about it!
    • Don’t forget the music! Some resorts now feature iPhone/iPod docking stations, if not bring some small portable travel speakers for your music-filled smartphone. Put on your favorite romantic playlist while enjoying a happy-hour cocktail with your sweetie, or your favorite bump-and-grind tunes for the main event. Need some inspiration? Here’s a list of songs to have sex to compiled by Spotify.
  • Couples Massage – indoors and outdoors – some love the sound of the waves, others prefer more privacy, but sharing a relaxing massage with your sweetie is undoubtedly romantic.
  • A co-ed Hydrotherapy area – while many resorts offer these nowadays, some have separate men’s and women’s areas, some charge for using them…look for a resort that doesn’t charge, or at least gives you a day pass. I prefer the freestyle (non-guided) water therapy areas best (when someone isn’t telling you what to do, it’s much easier to sneak in a few smooches or some groping under the water jets).
Opportunities to feel Sexy
  • A King-sized bed is a MUST – this is your chance to try a few new positions or maybe even some acrobatic moves, so you don’t want to be hindered by a bed that’s too small – falling out of bed is NOT sexy. Funny…yes — sexy…not so much.
  • Some resorts feature semi-private areas for topless sunbathing, or even to go au naturel. Just don’t sunburn your private bits!
  • A nightclub for late-night dancing – put on your sexiest little dress and wiggle that booty. Your man will be drooling to unzip you in no time.
  • Other like-minded people – No, I’m not talking about swinging, swapping, or orgies (although I’m also not saying you shouldn’t), but when you choose a romance-focused resort, you’ll find a great variety of people there for the same reason you are – maybe they’re honeymooning, or celebrating an anniversary, or just a much-needed romantic getaway, but they’re all there to reconnect with their partner, experience intimacy and romance, and yes, to have great sex. And when you get a lot of people thinking about sex, it creates a ‘vibe’ that’s almost tangible, and nearly irresistible.

Hands down, the number one best way to increase your chances of having great sex on vacation — leave the kids at home and go to an Adults-Only resort. Nothing puts the kibosh on the libido quicker than screaming children, no matter who they belong to.

If that’s not an option, then at least make sure you’re going somewhere that has a great kids’ program (with full-day supervised programs and activities) as well as some adults-only areas (pools, swim-up bars, and lounges). Getting laid is SO much easier when you don’t have to worry about interruptions …..amiright?

Achieving the intimacy necessary to have great sex on vacation takes work, and it’s certainly an enjoyable job, but it helps when you’ve chosen the perfect nookie-friendly resort!

What lengths do you go to in order to have great vacation sex? Share your advice!

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