[Jake’s Tips] Flight Interruptions? Don’t Be a Victim…

Flight Cancelled? Don't be a victim...
Flight Cancelled? Don't be a victim...
Updated: May 14th, 2019

Flight interruptions and airport closures suck.

Just because you’re flying from Miami to Jamaica for some R & R does not mean your plane will make it there to pick you up.

In a Nutshell: – Advance planning is a PITA. But it will save your butt when SHTF. So take a few minutes to prepare for flight interruptions, then sit back and relax. Until you shouldn’t relax…..then follow this checklist.

The Planning phase – follow these steps:

The day before you leave – make a plan (these 15 mins can save your vacation).

  • Send a copy of your airline confirmation to your smartphone
  • Reconfirm your flights
  • Make believe your flight was just cancelled, and do this:
    1. Go online and print alternate flights going to your destination,
    2. Both non-stop and with connections,
    3. List your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice
  • Write down all important phone numbers for:
    1. Airline
    2. Transfer Company
    3. Resort
    4. Travel agency
    5. Travel agency after-hours
  • Pack light — Can you fit everything in a Rolly and a carry-on? (so you can switch planes on the run and avoid checked baggage issues) You would be stunned at what you can get in a carry-on if you pack right
  • Leave early for the airport – in case the flight is overbooked – or you blow a tire

The SHTF Phase – If your flight is cancelled:


  • …go stand in the line like they tell you to do
  • …try to go online and get info (the party is over, other people have read this advice)
  • …get confused » follow the “Do” steps quickly (there are 200 other people who are fighting for that next flight)


  • …get on the phone – with whomever you bought your ticket from
  • …speak calmly & smile – screaming won’t help (agents deal with delayed or cancelled flights all the time)
  • …be firm – know what you want (they need a good reason not to give it to you)
  • …think about your luggage – if you checked bags, head to the baggage area (but, be on the phone at the same time)

SUGGESTION: Check out the TripIt Pro phone app – for just $49 annually, TripIt Pro quickly locates alternate flights (among many other great benefits).

Hope this helps………..

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