More Airlines are Banning Samsung’s Smartphone

Can you hear me now?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones often explode because the lithium-ion battery is filled with flammable liquid electrolyte that becomes dangerous after a short-circuit.

That is why airlines are banning the phones in their checked luggage, cabin baggage units, or on their body.  Airlines have set up return kiosks for the phones.

The tightening of restrictions goes back to September 21016 when airlines instructed passengers not re-charge these phones while in-flight or onboard on the ground.

Japan prohibits all passengers from flying with this phone.  If you try to sneak your device onto aircraft like ANA it will be confiscated.

Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Air Asia now bar the Note 7 from their flights.  Some airlines may allow them to be stored in the hold as long as they are switched off except to countries like America where the ban is complete.

Industry authorities have officially put passengers on notice warning “Passengers who attempt to evade the ban by packing their phone in checked luggage are increasing the risk of a catastrophic incident.”



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