[Tip #9] – Here’s how the Pro’s Pack…..

TSA Holiday Travel Tips

How to travel light and still look smokin’ hot

Remember the old days when your luggage traveled free?


Remember when plane seats were big enough for adults?


Well no mas mi travelito’s.

Now we vacuum suck the air out of our socks so everything fits in a computer bag.

Pack like a PRO:

Stow like a flight attendant (watch YouTube video)
Fold like Marie Kondo (watch YouTube video)
Roll like a Ranger (watch YouTube video)
Ship ’em (Check Pricesshipping website)

How NOT to pack:

Tips by wife of a pilot (watch YouTube video)

Packing hacks:

BuzzFeed (watch YouTube video)

A freebie on our website:

** Travel Tips & Vacation Packing Checklist


This is the end of our Travel Tips for now.

We hope we have helped…….

» ~Jake

P.S. We’ll keep the sand warm for you~

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