‘Turbo The Turtle’ at Royalton Resorts

Turbo The Turtle at Royalton Resorts
Turbo The Turtle at Royalton Resorts

I am not sure what it is about Turbo the Turtle.

But the kids dig ’em. And parents dig him even more.

In A Nutshell:   We all need a wingman when taking the kiddies on vacation.   Someone has to run interference so Mommy and Daddy can carve out time for a ‘nap’.   Turbo the Turtle has come to the rescue at Royalton Resorts.    Tip him heavy.

It could be the bulging eyes – or the hip chapeau.

But this larger-than-life character is a little different.

Turbo the Turtle resides at the Royalton Resorts.

His daily duties are entertaining your kids with fun and eco-friendly educational games at the Kids Club.

And teaching your future generation how important it is to take care of the world around them.

Which is actually very cool.

The good news is that you can drop the kiddies at the Kids Club – and race to the pool bar to be entertained by Cesar the ‘Mudslide King’ tarbender.

Cesar may not be as educational as Turbo the Turtle, but he will definitely eliminate your carbon footprint.

After a few Mudslides, you have time to sneak back to your suite to remove your suit.

Knowing all the while that your addition to the future generation is safely ensconced in an educational endeavor.

Life is good at the beach.

Thank you Turbo the Turtle.

‘I’ll let Cesar know you’re coming’


P.S.  We have to pay the bills, so if you’re thinking of Royalton Resorts, give our Partners a chance to blow your socks off with the lowest price.   They will toss a few pesos our way to support our day drinking.   Just sayin’.

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Enjoying some quiet time together thanks to Turbo the Turtle
Enjoying some quiet time together

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