What if the price of my All-Inclusive Resort goes down?

I want a discount!
I want a discount!

Hola All-Inclusive Resort Lovers,

We get lots of questions here at Best All Inclusive.

Obviously, 1st place goes to COVID questions, – but 2nd place is – “If the price of my all-inclusive resort goes down can I get the lower price?”

The answer is simple.

If you identify a price drop within 24 hours of purchasing, most resorts or travel resellers will honor the lower rate.

If a resort or reseller discounts their price after 24 hours of your purchase then you have 2 choices.

  1. Wail, screech, gnash your teeth, and throw yourself to the ground causing bodily injury. Then ask to speak to a Supervisor.
  2. Cancel and rebook using your travel partner’s name.
In A Nutshell:  The world has changed fellow travelers. All-Inclusive Resorts are not acting as they did in 2008 – when they discounted so heavily that you could find a week’s stay at a 5-Star All-Inclusive for $1400.

I know you think that is BS and you’re saying….

“Covid emptied the resorts”.

“They need my money”.

“I will just keep negotiating until they give in”.

Sorry, but it’s not going to happen.

Resorts have been through hell in the last 2 years.

They have lost BILLIONS of dollars.

And been required by government decree to continue to pay their staff or go to jail.

If people are not going to travel – why discount prices for those that will?

So they are hanging in there until things turn around and ‘Pent Up Demand’ kicks in.

~~Which it already has.

Most resorts used the time during COVID to update their resorts.

In 2018 and 2019 resorts were running 85% to 95% occupancy.  That is hard on a resort’s infrastructure.

Prices have gone up, not down.


There are options.

  • Get on the Resort mailing list.  [News Flash]…..Resorts are offering their best deals to their list. They are on a mission to convince consumers to book directly with them.  It saves them about 25%.
  • Check international websites.  Resorts will sometimes give deeply discount prices to parts of the world where they want to grow their business. (Think Europe/China)
  • Travel in October or November.  It does not work as well as it used to.  The Boomers have caught on.
  • Watch for EBB’s (early booking bonus).  Those are usually the lowest rates of the year.
  • Black Friday – They offered some smokin’ deals this past Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

The bottom line is if you bought a refrigerator or Peloton – and the price went down – would the seller refund you the difference?


You may see things like “64% Off”.   But typically they jack up the price 90% – and then give 64% off.

So much like stocks, bonds, and real estate…don’t try to time the market.

Check around until you find a price you can live with and buy it.

I have seen wailing, screeching, and threatening work pre-COVID.  But not so much now.

That is how it looks from the BackSeat.


P.S.  If you think I am jet-lagged then just read up on recent Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, and Wyndham investments (And check their stock price).

They have recently all made HUGE bets on the All-Inclusive industry.  Hyatt just paid $2.6B (yes B) to get a seat at the table.

When is the last time you saw Marriott running a 2 for 1 sale?

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