Which All-Inclusive Resorts in Mexico have heated pools?

Is the pool heated at your All Inclusive?
Is the pool heated at your All Inclusive?

Yo mi Chill-e-toes,

Are you looking for an all-inclusive resort with heated pools?

I bet anything that starts with ‘Cold’ makes you physically recoil.

In A Nutshell:  All-Inclusive resorts want you to be happy.  That way you will buy a Vacation Club…..aka….Timeshare.  So we would expect that on your grand tour of the property you would be shown a beautiful room with a heated swim-up pool.   If your pool is warm, someone just peed in it……in most cases.

I have been to a HUGE number of all-inclusive resorts – at all times of the year.

Especially during travel awards season which goes from November through January.

The only heated pool I encountered was at the Iberostar Grand Paraiso Cancun…..and it was an indoor pool with a sliding roof.

Some pools get warm by 3:00pm, – but during the winter the ocean water is typically way warmer than the pools.

To be sure I was not barking noise about this I contacted a friend who recently retired after 20 years in product development for All-Inclusive Resorts.

They have been to virtually every all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean and Mexico – multiple times.

I was told that although resorts say they heat their pools…they typically only heat the Jacuzzis.

In fact, because people were flocking to the Jacuzzis when the sun was not shining – or it was raining – resorts began building huge jacuzzis to compensate. (And save dineros).

So, don’t be disappointed if your morning pool plunge results in major shrinkage.

Don't be 'That guy'
Rockin’ the Mankini pre-plunge
Update: According to a recent press release from Palace Resorts, both the Check PricesMoon Palace Cancun (Sunrise Section, main pool) and Check PricesThe Grand at Moon Palace (several different pools) have been updated with ‘heating technology’. Not sure exactly what that means, but we’re hoping for no shrinkage.

Resorts like Check PricesHotel Xcaret do use solar panels to heat some of their pools.

But if it’s cloudy, solar ain’t gonna work real good.

One of the biggest groups of jacuzzis I have seen was at Live Aqua Cancun.

I was there on a rainy day and the Jacuzzi was ‘the’ place to partay!

Live Aqua Cancun Jacuzzi's
Live Aqua Cancun Jacuzzi’s

I am not making a whole list of resorts that claim to heat their pools.

This is one of those posts that can make me look stupid if just one resort pool timer is off.

So, if you have a resort in mind just ‘Ask Us’ in the box below and we will steer you in the right direction.

Hope this helps…..


P.S. [Reminder] The Iberostar Grand Paraiso Cancun has an indoor pool that is mind-blowing.

For every other pool, you might want to bring your horse trough heater.

Personal Jacuzzi warmer
Personal Jacuzzi warmer

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