All Inclusive Resorts are Booming Post-Pandemic

Sandals Tiki Bar at Sunset
Sandals Resorts

Finally…….some good news…..Mergers & Acquisitions are running hot in the All-Inclusive Resort world.

In A Nutshell:  Travelers are flocking back to their favorite resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean.  Pro-Tip….Prices are starting to go up – so lock in a deal before you get sticker shock.

Marriott added 26 resorts to their All-Inclusive portfolio.

Hilton is coming on strong and hiring some of the most talented people in the industry to run their new All-Inclusive division.

Hyatt ponied up $2.6B to buy Apple Leisure Group (the largest Wholesaler in North America) from KSL/KKR (Bain invested and flipped it to KSL/KKR)

And virtually all of the best all-inclusives have poured money into their properties during the Pandemic.

Sandals/Excellence/Palace/Hard Rock-AIC/Playa/Wyndham have all dumped mega cash into their resorts.


Because the All-Inclusive sector was the first travel sector to rebound.

People are afraid of the unknown and want a secure, secluded, and clean place to stay.

Since most All-Inclusives make their real money selling vacation clubs, they keep their resorts in tip-top condition and do whatever is necessary to keep a steady flow of happy travelers lining up for 90-minute tours of the property.

Know who the largest ‘Vacation Club (aka Timeshare) companies in the world are?   

Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton and Disney.

Do you think Marriott and Hyatt are going to risk their reputation for a few bucks……Not a freakin’ chance.

They won’t invest unless they are sure their shareholders won’t start a rebellion because they F’d up and pissed away money on hare-brained ideas.

“Due to the money Resorts make from Vacation Clubs they are keeping their prices low to attract warm bodies for the 90-minute tour (ok, the tours are usually 120 minutes if you smile even once).”

Cancellation penalties are still almost non-existent (except with airfares).

Expect that to change in the near future.

So jump on a deal like a Rooster on a June Bug……..or you will be crying into your pillow in 6 months.

Then take some time to Relax, Rekindle and Renew yourself…

You deserve it….

Besides, Wellness Travel is the new hip reason to travel.

Get out and flaunt that new Covid Bod……The fresh sea air and a long walk on the beach will fix that…..

In the meantime,

“I will keep the sand warm for ya”


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