American is flying into Ian Fleming International in Ocho Rios

Stylin' in Ochi
Stylin' in Ochi

Wah Gwaan Mon,

Now you can roll into Ochi in style! (that’s Ocho Rios Jamaica)

No more arriving in MoBay and running the gauntlet of 2 hours of road rage, dodging goats, and having to pee after 10 RedStripes?

Everytings Irie.

American Airlines is going to be flying 2 non-stop flights a week from Miami to Ian Fleming International Airport in Ocho Rios on an Envoy E-175.

In A Nutshell: American Airlines is flying into Ocho Rios.   Now we can get to Orcabessa/Ocho Rios without the 2 hour drive.    If you can call how Jamaicans navigate the roadway ‘driving’

It only took Jamaican officials 10 years and countless bottles of Appleton’s to get AA on board.

American is flying the Envoy E-175, which carries about 80 passengers.

So you won’t be bouncing around in a twin-prop Otter all the way from MIA.

Here is a pic of the E-175.   So it’s a good size jet.

American Airlines Envoy E-175
American Airlines Envoy E-175

The interior is a 2 + 1 configuration.   So your travel partner can sit alone if they don’t like to get up and down for potty breaks.

Here is a pic of the interior.

Envoy-E-175 Interior with 2 & 1 Seating

Just in case you have not flown into Ian Fleming International Airport (which is like a trip back to the 60’s)

Here is what it looks like as you power in or out……

Ian Fleming International Airport in Ocho Rios
Ian Fleming International Airport in Ocho Rios

Here is your terminal.  Landing in Ochi is a lot like landing in Green Bay Wisconsin…..


Ian Fleming International Terminal in Ocho Rios
Ian Fleming International Terminal in Ocho Rios

The good news is that you will be treated like you’re James Bond blasting in on your PJ  (Private Jet).

The bad news is you have to either live in Miami – or connect through Miami – to catch AA’s Wednesday or Saturday flights each week.

Is Jamaica making progress?   My vote is yes.

The faster I get to the pool bar to bang out my next James Bond book, the happier I am.

Blabba mout is done for the day!


P.S.  I’ll keep the seat warm for ya…..

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