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Barbados has a new Hotel Booking Engine

It’s about time.

Island destinations have been trying to build their own Hotel and Local Tour booking engine since the wheel was invented.

I mean – who knows Barbados better than a Bajan?

In A Nutshell: A local Barbados entrepreneur wants to take the booking process away from OTA’s and TO’s – and put it into the hands of the Bajan.  Git Git Yahh!

Why is it cool for a country to create its own Vacation Booking website?

  1. Control of Cash Flow – when the pandemic hit major Tour Operators decided not to pay hotels.  The hotels were pissed.
  2. Tech has improved dramatically – so building your own booking engine is not a tough as it used to be (we are looking at you Softrips).
  3. Local vendors can work directly with the booking website to showcase their products and services.  Try calling Expedia and asking them to pimp your local tchotchkes.
  4. Cut out the middleman – hotels can quickly run short-term specials to stimulate bookings. (and benefit consumers)

What could possibly go wrong?

  1. Politics – who decides who will be on the HomePage above the fold?
  2. Hotel pricing inconsistency – every day becomes a Black Friday/Cyber Monday freakout.
  3. Quality Control – let’s hope Bembe’s bus starts today.
  4. Keeping the Department of Tourism behind the project – every election brings on a nepotistic schmoozefest.

Give a peek.  Draw your own conclusions.  It’s new – so give it a chance to grow.

Since I have your attention…..
DON’T do these things in Barbados:

What not to do in Barbados
What not to do in Barbados!

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