Makeover: Grand Bahia Principe Aquamarine (formerly the Ambar)

Grand Bahia Principe Aquamarine
Grand Bahia Principe Aquamarine

Nothing like a little nip-tuck to spruce up the joint.

In a Nutshell: Bahia decided it was time to doll up the Ambar (on Bavaro beach in Punta Cana).

The makeover included a new name.  Grand Bahia Principe Aquamarine.

Say that fast 3 times.

The other good news is that the entire Bahia Principe Bavarao Complex is getting a facelift.

They put in a new Sports Bar, Gym and updated their shopping and nightlife mecca, Bahia Principe Village.

Bahia offers some freaky low prices.   I just checked and it’s like $95 pp/pn.

Here it is: Freaky Low Prices I couldn’t believe

Just be sure to set up an alert on Google Flights to monitor the airfare.   No idea why flying to Punta Cana costs more than a Tesla.


For more on Bahia check out

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