Maroon 5 – Canceled the Hard Rock Punta Cana DR

No Maroon 5 for you - They canceled
No Maroon 5 for you - They canceled

Adam Levine is NOT packing up his Falsetto and heading to the beach.

Maroon 5 canceled stating “These performances have been canceled due to circumstances beyond the band’s control.”

Ignore what I wrote below………but enjoy ‘Girls like you’….lots of celebs – Adam has his hands full

In A Nutshell:  Maroon 5 will be NOT be  jammin’ at te Hard Rock Punta Cana in the DR on April 16, 2022.   They canceled due to circumstances beyond their control.   

Watch the video here or scroll if you just want to read:

Pre-Show you will find yourself shedding a few Benjamin’s at the Casino – before showing off your new raccoon eyes to a screaming crowd of Levine Lovers.

Don’t forget that new tat you got to go along with your best Maroon 5 lip sync.

Shirts are optional……..

I have been to the Hard Rock a number of times (even back when it opened as the Moon Palace).

This resort knows how to throw a party!

They have a stunning casino that rivals Vegas.

Not 3 chintzy quarter machines you find stuffed in a gas station in Montana.

This resort is the real deal.

And it has 1700 freakin’ rooms…’s a monster.

The beach is great – the waves can push you around – and the entertainment is the best in the Caribbean.

Check out this pic.  The place is the size of a small city…..with its own golf course.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana DR
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana DR

Jump on your Tickets and get your room booked soon. 

This resort always sells out.

Here is a link to the M5 website.   For Tickets.    Check PricesTo Book your Room click here.

If ButtHole Surfers or ‘Yawneee’ is more your style then head over to this post for the Best All-Inclusives for Concert Buffs.

Enjoy the Partay…….That selfie with Adam will make your friends soooo jealous!


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