National Pineapple Day with Nickelodeon Punta Cana and Summer Deal

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How nice to have National Coconut Day and National Pineapple Day within 24-hours of each other!  National Cannoli Day just passed, but no cannoli for me!

So, I’m not quite sure of any characters living in a coconut, however, I do know that Square Bob Sponge Pants lives in a pineapple on the floor of the Pacific Ocean.  Oh mio…SpongeBob SquarePants!!   I better save the pina colada for tomorrow…and July 10th for National Pina Colada Day.

In a nutshell: Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana is all about celebrating National Pineapple Day because of their beloved character, SpongeBob SquarePants.  The resort is scheduled to reopen on August 1 and they’re offering a special Summer Sale at 70% off.  That’s a lot of pineapples!

‘Always Summer’ Sale Intel

Here are the deets…

  • The Check Pricesbest deal is on the new family rate at about 70% off the room!
  • The starting rate is $439 per room per night for two adults and two kids (12 and under).
    Slightly higher if kids are 13-17 and rates fluctuate based on dates and room category.
  • The booking window is valid from now until June 30th for stays through August 31, 2020.
  • Also includes one $250 Resort Credit

Tip:  Check future dates if you’re not ready to go by August because in reviewing dates into October it appears this may be extended.  As an example a Check Prices7-night family all-inclusive vacay starts at $4295 all in (this is in the Pad Suite) – saving thousands of dollars for a family of four.

Splurging on the Pineapple villa

This villa is amazeballs with two bedrooms and three bathrooms – it’s nearly 2300-square-feet of SpongeBob’s undersea world (sans the water, of course). It’s equipped with indoor and outdoor living and dining areas. The lower-level master bedroom has a king bed, exquisite marble bathroom and an outdoor shower (yes, there’s one inside but how cool to have an outdoor one, too!) and the second bedroom is upstairs with two single beds and a private bath as well as a loft-style living room.

From the (main) living room, you have access to the private gardens and patio and that’s where you’ll find the infinity pool and more outdoor living space.

In addition to this character-inspired villa, private butlers take care of you and can arrange for a number of private activities. Sweet, right?

It does come with a price and there’s only one Pineapple villa so check it out if your kid is a SpongeBob fan.

Remember – there are many great Check Pricesroom options at Nickelodeon Punta Cana that could suit your needs.

Kid-Friendly Fun for National Pineapple Day

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Tropical Pineapple Slushy
This is pretty easy and Mom and Dad may want to add something else for their slushy.  Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Pineapple
  2. Coconut Milk
  3. Ice
  4. Blender

First, cut off the top of a pineapple and scoop out the fruit. (Mom or Dad – this job is for you.)
You’ll then add the ice to the blender followed with pineapple and coconut milk.
Blend until smooth, pour into the pineapple, and add a straw.  Cheers!

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