[Renovation] at Zoetry Villa Rolandi Isla Mujeres

Tell me this is not a cool bedroom - Zoetry Villa Rolandi
Zoetry Villa Rolandi bedroom

Zoetry Villa Rolandi is a very cool resort.  And its about to get cooler….

I was lucky enough to have lunch there with the Sales Manager a few years ago.

When your inside, you feel like your in someone’s huge home (I understand it actually was a home for a while).

Now its getting a makeover and will undergo ‘resort enhancements’.  (That’s marketing speak for construction)

In A Nutshell:  Zoetry Villa Rolandi on Isla Mujeres is getting an upgrade.  From June 02 – December 02, 2024 the property will close and start major renovations.    Anyone who was booked at the property will be able to stay at another Hyatt Inclusive Collection resort nearby.   There is a Secrets Isla Mujeres but that is adult-only (in case you were bringing your kids to Zoetry).  There are other great family friendly Inclusive Collection resorts in Cancun but no other Zoetry’s.   You might consider Los Cabos.  The Zoetry Casa del Mar is really cool.

What are they ‘Enhancing’?

  • 35 newly designed Ocean Front Suites
  • Expanding the Lobby and adding a new Lobby Bar
  • The Casa Rolandi restaurant is being remodeled
  • They are adding a new dining experience at ‘Le Metissage’ with an expanded wine selection
  • The Gym is being relocated to give it ocean views
  • The Spa is being completely remodeled to give you a wider range of services
  • A new Rooftop Area for watching the sun go down before supper

So as you can see they are pulling out the hammers and making major renovations.

If you want to check out other Zoetry options you can click here:  a link to All the Zoetry Resorts

And if you get a hankering to party with Alexander the Great you can always check out their newest Zoetry in Macedonia, Greece.

Finding another resort that is as unique and relaxing as Zoetry Isla Mujeres is going to be tough.   It is very eccentric.

But it will be worth the wait.

I’ll keep Isla warm for ya…..


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