Caribbean Glamping at an All-Inclusive Resort?

Dreams Curacao Tiny Homes
Dreams Curacao Tiny Homes

Yes, you can now go Glamping at an All-Inclusive Resort in the Caribbean.

This is some trippy stuff – that IMHO is going to blow up like a beagle on a box of donuts.

Dreams Resorts (owned by Hyatt) is testing how ‘you’ are going to react to 52 of these mirrored modulars sitting right on Piscadera Bay beach on the island of Curacao.

In A Nutshell:  Dreams Curacao Resort & Spa & Family Friendly & Tiny Homes (who makes up these names?) is diving into the Glamping market with 52 Modular Homes that sit right on the beach.   All-Inclusive resorts are all the rage these days due to the convenience of  the ‘Buy Once, Cry Once’ vs. the ‘Nickel and Dime me’ approach used by most hotels.   But add Glamping to All-Inclusive and you have a whole new experience.  Talk about walking out your front door and into the water.  Yay!

Why is this so cool?

  • Privacy – No shared walls.  You aren’t jolted awake at 4:00am by the alarm going off in the room next door
  • You have access to all the Dreams Resort ‘Unlimited Luxury’ all-inclusive amenities.  So no shopping, cooking or washing dishes.   And free liquor…..
  • Dreams Resorts is part of Hyatt, so you may be able to use your ‘World of Hyatt’ Loyalty Points
  • These beach houses are off in a new section called ‘Ul Mare’ that is going to be Adult-Only with your own restaurants, pools and bars.
  • The front door opens right onto the beach – with the ocean just steps away

But these puppy’s don’t come cheap.  Expect to pay about $1000 a night – vs $430 for a regular room

As of now both Hilton and Marriott have not worked up the courage to go camping…..

But if this test works, expect them to hop on this trend like a rooster on a June bug.

You can’t book one of these Glamps yet.

But since they are scheduled to be available by summer we should know soon.

We will update you when we know more.

I’ll keep the sand warm for ya…..


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