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Join the single in-crowd, who love to suit themselves, especially on vacation – here’s an incentive with a selection of the best All Inclusive resorts for singletons.

“Travel not to find yourself, but to find out who you have been all along” – Unknown

Solo travel – once thought of as lonesome travel – is becoming more and more popular, and the travel industry is taking note. To be single and to travel alone is not the rare social situation it once was. After all, we all work hard for our holiday buck – why not spend it precisely to suit ourselves? A limited amount of time and money should be spent exactly as we wish, without the restraint of forced consideration for fellow travelers.

See for yourself


Traveling solo can be eye-opening and life changing too. Devise a plan and arrange your own itinerary, go where the wind takes you! Choose from a sunshine-filled wealth of superb all-inclusive resorts, with activities to suit just you, and you alone. You’ll have the choice to make new friends there, or get lost in a book, relaxing in your own time. Get up when you want, eat when you want, and order what you want. Choose that bottle of wine you love, eat more than one delicious dessert – no-one will comment! Interacting with strangers can be fun, but only if you wish, and discovering that traveling alone is actually a brilliant confidence booster, is an eye-opener.

Encountering problems


But are there are disadvantages to going it alone? Perhaps you’re the sort of less-intrepid traveller who likes someone else to make the decisions? Or you’re newly-divorced and find yourself a little bit lost in a sea of single folk? Then choose an all-inclusive resort, where all you have to do is turn up. Your time is still your own, but everything has been carefully and thoughtfully laid out for you. In particular, female solo travelers often worry about personal safety.

Using common sense

So, common sense should be deployed. If you find yourself in conversation with someone you’d rather not talk to – be purposefully vague about your room number or guesthouse, and always keep a close eye on your drink. Speaking of alcohol, don’t overdo it, especially tempting when it’s included in the price. But realistically, all-inclusive resorts are safe and secure places to stay, it’s not as though you are trekking across unknown territory alone. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the best All Inclusive resorts for singletons, and, you never know, you might even meet your own Mark Darcy or Bridget Jones.


Check PricesSecrets The Vine is adults only, so there won’t be any large family groups to scramble across on your way to the bar. Enjoy a solo trip to Chichén Itzá, the Mayan ruins or instead a visit to Isla Mujeres and see the protection and reproduction of the turtle population…all in your own time of course. Back at base, enjoy the luxurious Adults-Only suites, or the relaxing Spa. Add international cuisine and you’ll find this solo break might require a return visit.

Check PricesTemptation Cancun, also adults-only, but a bit more raucous than Secrets The Vine….The recently-remodeled Temptation attracts a young-ish crowd (mostly late-twenties to mid-forties, with the occasional younger or older), and features three pools (‘fun’, ‘sports’, and ‘quiet’) all of which allow topless sunbathing (but not full-on nudity!). Very fun, party atmosphere, lots of activities, and a sexy vibe.

Los Cabos

Check PricesBreathless Cabo San Lucas (Los Cabos, Mexico) – Because Breathless Cabo San Lucas is a smaller resort, it doesn’t have the usual theatre with a stage, nor the Las Vegas-style evening shows that many larger resorts do, BUT Breathless is known for their rockin’ parties, wild events, and sexy theme nights (such as Toga Party night, Lingerie & Black Light party, or Gatsby Night), along with DJs and dance entertainment, and offers an ever-changing schedule of fun activities…. be sure to check the calendar before your trip so you can pack accordingly! Oh, and YES you can sunbathe topless at one of their two heated pools.

Puerto Vallarta

Check PricesHotel Mousai is pure contemporary design and inventive functionality which invites you into a stylish space beyond your imagination. Luxurious? Oh yes. The sole triple AAA Five Diamond rated resort in Puerto Vallarta and the state of Jalisco will grant your every wish, and a visit there as a solo traveller is the ultimate in self-indulgence. The very best choice saved until last!

Turks & Caicos

tips for traveling solo at an all inclusive resort

Looking for some singles fun under the sun? Then Check PricesClub Med Turkoise is waiting for you. Young, adult-only guests play hard at this All Inclusive resort, where activities include a sailing school, a fitness school, and even flying trapeze and circus skills! Ideal for both couples and singles, this resort combines fun with a sun-kissed Caribbean paradise.



Downing a cold Cuba Libre, listening to ice clink as the waves crash in at Hotel Royal Hicacos Resort & Spa is just one reason to go it alone at an all-inclusive resort in Cuba. With a choice of 3 outdoor pools, 4 hot tubs, pool bar, gym, sauna, an amazing Spa and 3 tennis courts, it’s easy to find your ‘Me Time’ and space alone, to enjoy and relax in solitary peace.

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