Best All Inclusive Resorts for the Newly Divorced

Best All Inclusives for Newly Divorced

A divorce may leave you feeling relieved, but rarely will it leave you feeling happy.

A vacation may be the last thing on your mind. But, think again, it just may be the best time to plan that divorce-blues trip.

Emotionally raw?

The first cut is the deepest, so they say, and every wound requires a Band-Aid, so treat your newly raw emotions to some TLC, and discover how an all-inclusive vacation may be just what you need as the best treatment for your newly-divorced status. You can switch off completely on the journey there, and have everything to look forward to. Think massage, manicure and pedicure, think Me-Time, and indulge yourself.

  • Check PricesPueblo Bonito Pacifica nestled on a secluded beach in Cabo San Lucas is an adults-only retreat that, with its zen-like environment and spa-first approach, will soothe away your frazzled state of mind like a welcome balm.
  • Simply escape from the stress, and head to Check PricesRancho La Puerta in Mexico, leaving your worries far and away behind you. With fitness experts, organic cuisine and a peaceful setting, your mind and body will heal in no time, allowing you to rediscover fun and relaxation.
  • Sumptuous dining, and a Spa that promises a sanctuary of tranquility is what you’ll find at Check PricesLe Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun. Allow yourself to become enveloped in the luxurious surroundings, gaze at the sparkling and clear waters from the white sand of the beach. Count to three, and relax…

Feeling low on funds?

Your emotional health is more important than your bank balance, but if your divorce has left you depleted in more ways than one, then you’ll find that an all-inclusive vacation is a better value than you might first think. Choosing a tropical destination will help heal your heartache without scars, and many all inclusive resorts can be just what the doctor orders without breaking the bank. You might even be able to avail of offers such as ‘single supplement waiver’, an even better reason to go it alone!

Try these resorts for great choices in solo travel:

Lots of all inclusive resorts cater to couples, but we guarantee you won’t feel like a third wheel at a resort that appeals to singles, like any of these:

  • Check PricesTemptation Cancun Resort – with a quiet side and a party side, it’s the best of both in one resort!
  • Check PricesBreathless Riviera Cancun – where booking early will get you the best and lowest price.
  • Perhaps, an aptly named resort is for you? Try Check PricesHedonism if you want to let loose and explore your newly-single wild side.

Feeling a little flush?

On the other hand, if it’s a little way to the final settlement and you need to ditch a few thousand dollars, then blow the budget on luxury and spend, spend, spend!

“Marriage is grand. Divorce is twenty grand.” ~Jay Leno

Stunning beaches, gourmet restaurants and spa treatments will all help to heal from the inside out, and help you find the real you again, putting your life back in balance.

Splash the cash at:

More fish in the ocean

The best cure for an old broken heart is a brand new love interest, so even though that last one may have been a whale, use your all-inclusive vacation as a great excuse for getting back in action. Even if it’s just a hot holiday romance with no strings attached – the best kind –  it’s a guaranteed cure-all for your heart. You might even meet that someone special who just happens to be in a similar situation.

Back in the real world

Return home and resume life with a glowing tan, a gleam in your eye and a fresh outlook on your personal life – and perhaps plans for a return visit?

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