[Unbelievable Deal] Margaritaville Island Reserve Cap Cana – 88% off – No BS!

A stunning resort - Margaritaville-Island-Reserve-Cap-Cana
A stunning resort - Margaritaville-Island-Reserve-Cap-Cana

We have NEVER seen a brand new -5-Star resort -priced so low.

And we just returned from this resort.   

It is stunning.

This is no BS.  It’s the real deal

We got our hands on an insider email offering a HUGE discount for Karisma’s Top Agents.

In A Nutshell:   Margaritaville Island Reserve Cap Cana, Dominican Republic is offering pricing that we have never seen before on any All-Inclusive Resort.   But only for the 1st 1000 people.

You can book from now until June 30th

You can travel from June 04 – December 31, 2022

Yes…they are allowing you to book during Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

Is there a catch?

Yes, it is only available for the first 1000 bookings.

And you have to stay at least 3 nights.

That is it……

So why are they pricing a brand new, 5-star resort so cheaply?  (‘inexpensive’ does not do this promo justice)

For 6 reasons:

  • It is brand new.
  • People don’t realize that Margaritaville has All-Inclusive Resorts.
  • In June people are out mowing their lawn and putting in a garden.
  • Karisma wants to fill rooms.
  • This promo was only released to Karisma’s Top Agents, so it will be kept low-key.
  • Airfares are creeping up to the Dominican Republic.  It is freaking the resorts out.

Don’t believe me?

Check out the TripAdvisor reviews and do some research on the new Cap Cana area in the DR.   Margaritaville Island Reserve Cap Cana sits in the best location on the best beach, with the softest sand, in all of the DR.

Ask for a price quote from our partner agency that brought this to our attention. (Thanks Sarah)

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One final plug for Margaritaville Island Reserve Cap Cana.

I have personally seen this resort and we are friends with the team at Karisma.

This is the real deal.   They go overboard on food, fun and service.

Plus you get to listen to Jimmy Buffet tunes to brighten your day.

Here’s a sneak peek:

So grab it and growl  (I think your deposit will be around $150 to hold your dates)

‘I’ll keep your hammock warm for you”


P.S.  We don’t make a penny on this info….

P.P.S  We just ask you to share the love – and tell all your friends about www.BestAllInclusive.com.

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That is the end of my shameless plug.

Now go check your dates for availability, research the resort reviews, and see if I am yanking your wanky.

Sarah will quote you a price so low it will blow your socks off.

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