‘No’ COVID test required to fly back to the US from Mexico or the Caribbean

CDC eliminates Covid Test Requirment
Happy Travelers Everywhere


The CDC will no longer require air passengers flying into the US to get a COVID test.


In A Nutshell:   No Shoes – No Shirt – No Test – No Problem.   The CDC finally discontinued the requirement to test negative before getting back on a plane to the US.  So the Monkey is off our back.

Anyone who has traveled outside the US was paranoid during the whole trip that grabbing a doorknob, pressing an elevator button – or eating anything that was not charred – was going to ruin – or inconveniently extend – your stay.

Besides, slathering goo all over yourself before leaving the safety of your nest just sucks.

Travelers did not want to have one of their party stuck at a resort until they could test negative.

So no worries for:

  • Families whose little Jimmy or Suzie get a false positive and have to be quarantined.  While Mom and Dad freak out.
  • Getting back to work is no longer an excuse to not travel.
  • Bending over for the Airlines as they extract $$$ to change flights is off the table.  The poor airlines are going to lose all that cash….boo hoo.
  • And….worst of all……some a$$hole resorts were kicking positive customers out – leaving them with no place to stay.

Here is the official statement from the CDC website so you know I am not day drinkin’.

CDC says - No more COVID Tests - for returning International travelers
CDC says – No more COVID Tests – for returning International travelers

So do a Happy Dance and grab the cheap deals that are running around.

Here is one for 88% off at Margaritaville Cap Cana – a 5-Star resort.  It would cost you more to stay at the Holiday Inn down the street.

I’ll keep an airline seat warm for ya’


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