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Why stay at an all inclusive resort in Aruba
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Aruba is getting a lot of attention these days.

  • No Hurricanes
  • Low humidity (the island is primarily arid)
  • They speak English
  • Driving a rental car is a piece of cake – so lots to explore.
  • Great year round sunshine
  • Cheap flights out of most major cities
  • Many Cool beaches
  • And great snorkeling, scuba and snuba

Aruba is also a wonderful place to get married. 

Especially with the slim chance for rain on your wedding day.   There are resorts with venues for large groups and destination weddings.

Are you into Snorkeling, Scuba or Snuba?

The excellent water visibility and quality makes water sports very popular .

The island is surrounded by coral reefs with colorful fish of all shapes and sizes. Aruba has also been called the shipwreck capital of the Caribbean. The ruins of many vessels serve as unique underwater historical sites to explore.

There are some small reefs that are accessible from the beach, like the one I swam to from the all-inclusive Riu Palace. Snorkeling gear, as well as other non-motorized water sports, are included as part of the Riu’s amenities. If this is all the snorkeling you need on your trip, then the Riu Palace might be a great place to stay.

Most of Aruba’s all-inclusive resorts are located along Eagle and Palm beaches, where the soft white sand feels like baby powder between your toes. Of all the islands I’ve been to in the Caribbean, I’ve found Aruba to have the most consistently clear water. I also found the water temperature to be the most comfortable.

Want to get Scuba Certified?

Just take the online PADI scuba certification course and do your open-water test at the resort.  Almost all of them will certify you for about $200.

There are ton’s of beaches.

We discovered countless beaches along the way. For some, it was easy to go snorkeling off shore, like the shipwreck found off the coast of Malmok. The northern part of the island is rough and rugged as a result of the dry climate and powerful trade winds. For this reason, there aren’t many buildings along the north coast. Yet you can go off-roading with spectacular rock formations, coves and natural bridges. Start at the lighthouse and make your way east along indistinct dirt paths that traverse the sand dunes. Along this route there are historical sites, like the ruins of an abandoned smelter mill and gold mine.



Another place to visit is the Arikok National Park.

You can explore lots of caves and admire the cacti-speckled scenery. For a seriously intense off-roading experience, take the jeep down to Aruba’s natural pool. This drive is not recommended for the faint of heart!

Get ready to push your off-road skills to the limit as the terrain is quite steep and incredibly rocky. For thrill seekers, a drive to the natural pool is a blast! The pool is full of tropical fish and shielded from the ocean by a wall of boulders. Pack water shoes for this trip and bring your own snorkeling equipment.

If you get bored head to Oranjestad, which is Aruba’s largest city. It’s also the place where the cruise ships dock. There’s no shortage of entertainment around the port with numerous restaurants, bars, cafes and shopping malls.

Another hot spot is the main road through Palm Beach, where there are even more clubs, restaurants and gift shops.

With well over two hundred restaurants to choose from, there is a pricing and flavor for everyone. You can easily dine at restaurants where local fishermen are bringing in fresh catch or at one of twenty-two venues where you can dine with your feet in the sand or toes in the water while watching our magnificent sunsets or under the stars at night.

Aruba is a culinary delight and many of the resorts are within walking distance of one hundred dining outlets.”

For one of the most posh and romantic sunset dining experiences, make reservations in advance for a table at Passions on the Beach. While shoes may be optional at this upscale beach restaurant, which is affiliated with the Amsterdam Manor (J.E. Irausquin Blvd, Noord), it’s the kind of place where you might run into a celebrity or witness someone get a marriage proposal.

If you are looking for a drinking hole that’s not part of a hotel but still easy on the wallet, I recommending an establishment on the pier in Palm Beach called Bugaloe (J.E. Irausquin Blvd 79, Noord). This vibe of this bar is Caribbean chill with a live band and pocket-friendly happy hour specials.

It’s wonderful that Aruba has so many options, enabling visitors the ability to customize their vacation. No matter your travel style, chances are pretty good you’ll fall in love with Aruba, an unsurpassed island paradise where adventure awaits.

So if you feel the need for an Aruba Getaway, you will have lots of choices.



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