Is Travel Insurance a Scam?

I am not here to harsh your vacation mellow – but – consider what level of risk you are willing to take while vacationing.

So here is an overview of your risks while on vacation.

There are 3 levels:

  1. You slip and scrape your knee,
  2. You’re showing off – and fail. It’s off to the hospital for some stitches,
  3. You accidentally cut your head off and need air-evac to a US hospital to get it sewn back on;
So let’s address #1 – a minor scrape

All decent resorts have a doctor or nurse at the resort. They can fix you up for – little to no – cost.

#2 – you need to go to a hospital

Bring your credit card. You will be expected to pay BEFORE you get medical attention.

#3 – you need to an air – evac

Bring your credit card with a VERY big limit. Like $15 – $20k – before wheels up. There is no amount of crying, wailing or logic that will get you results before you pay.

So now you ask, ‘What do I do?’

First, check to see if your existing insurance covers you when you travel (most don’t!).

And then Check Pricescheck the price of travel insurance.

For about $99 – $199 per person you can buy travel insurance that protects you from medical emergencies – and – also allows you to cancel your trip for any reason (aka “CFAR”) – and get all your money back (including airfare).

Like all breathing people, I dislike being gouged by insurance companies – so here are links to other opinions – both Pro and Con.

Con link:

Pro link:

The bottom line is how much risk will you accept?

Hope this helps…….


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