HedoWeedo – Jamaica’s newest distraction

Hedo Weedo at Hedonism II Jamaica
Hedo Weedo's selection

Wah gwaan? Yah mon…..

Until recently that was all the Jamaican Patois I knew.

Fortunately, I have expanded my vocabulary to include:

How much is a gram of that Island Girl Kief?


Does the Sting-a-ling pre-roll really sting?


HedoWeedo has come to town…..

Specifically, HedoWeedo has come to Check PricesHedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.


For menu selection and pricing, check  Leafly.com

You can now get loud, proud, nekkid, and totally roasted without the threat of handcuffs.

Kevin Levee and the gang at Check PricesHedonism II have scored a home run.

Not just because they can supply their resort guests with extremely high-grade strains of Jamaica’s Finest, but HedoWeedo is not limited just to Hedo guests.  You can walk over from the surrounding resorts and be served.

If you have a US Medical Marijuana card and a driver’s license you are good to go.

If you don’t have a med card then they have an on-site doctor that will diagnose you with the disorder of your choice and send you merrily on your way to the dispensary.

I highly suggest you don’t buy more than 5lbs at a time unless you intend to spend the rest of your life in Jamaica.

1.  because more than 2 oz (56 grams) is illegal.  Oh…the fine for excess is a maximum of $5    :-)

2.  this is government-licensed 100% Jamaican grown herb.  Tie a rope from your ankle to a tree so you don’t become a UFO

3. it’s heavy – you can’t outrun your friends

The good news is that after a few tokes you can use your new-found creativity to design a rad Toga robe – or a Naughty Schoolgirl outfit for Hedo’s infamous theme parties.

HedoWeedo Be Wicked for a Week
HedoWeedo – Be Wasted for a Week


for those of you who love vids, here is Kevin Levee (who has been there longer than the sand) giving you an update on all things HedoWeedo.

For those of you who don’t enjoy turning a fifth of Jack Daniels into a candle holder each day, Jamaica now gives you a new vice to explore.

Yes, getting weed in Jamaica has never been a problem.   Especially in the 7 Mile Beach and Bloody Bay area of Negril.  But quality does vary.

You can be guaranteed that if you get your herb from Hedo Weedo that you will be getting VERY high-quality products.

I have been in the travel industry for long enough to have heard all the rumors about Check PricesHedo – and they consistently provide a superior vacation for people who want something a little unique.

Ok, sometimes very unique.

Be safe, stay healthy, and work out those kinks!

One love,     (at a time)


P.S.  A big shout out to Randymon, Hedo’s Director of Sales & Marketing,  for creating the most interesting advertising in the travel industry.

Hedonism II Resort Negril, Jamaica

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