Riu Aquarelle – 700 rooms in Trelawny, Jamaica

Courtesy of the Jamaican Gleaner

Ya Mon, tings Irie at deh Riu mon.

If COVID slowed the travel industry down then no one told Riu.

Riu Aquarelle is adding another 700 rooms to the existing 7 resorts and 3300 rooms they currently have in Jamaica.

In A Nutshell:   Ya mon, tings be a growin’ in Jamaica mon.  Riu Aquarelle is pumping a cool $100M into 700 rooms on the beach in Trelawny, Jamaica.    Trelawny is a hot stretch of beach halfway between MoBay airport and Ocho Rios.   And American has scheduled flying into Ian Fleming International in Ochi.

The groundbreaking is in Coopers Pen, which is the fastest-growing area in Jamaica.

Riu is one of the few resorts that always open on schedule.

But so far there is no Grand Opening date set.

Want a quickie overview of the RIU brand?

It seems that even Jamaica is suffering from ‘The Great Resignation’ and after 2 years of COVID quarantine they are having trouble finding workers.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness gave 2 options to solve the labor shortage:

  1.  Jamaica can import skilled workers
  2. He floated the idea of mandatory national service for anyone over 16 to get people off their butts.

“There is no shortage of people, but of labour.”

We love Jamaica – and the Jamaican culture – so we hope that everyone jumps on the Riu bandwagon to get Aquarelle built on schedule.

As soon as Riu sends over the renderings we will update you.

In the meantime, they will be slinging dirt.

Lickkle more,


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