Why Do People Love All-Inclusive Vacations?

Loving our All-Inclusive Vacation
Loving our All Inclusive Vacation


This ain’ yo Mama’s all-inclusive.

Booking and staying at an All-Inclusive Resort is easy, fast, and wallet-friendly.

In A Nutshell: Do you have a job?  Does your job require you to make decisions all day long that impact people’s lives?  Are you tired of being tired?  If yes to any of these, you will or do love an all-inclusive getaway.

If you are a backpacking – weed toking – road-kill truck lovin’ foodie that is searching for balance in your life – and meditating yourself into a coma – then go find yourself a hostel and count your pennies.

Ok, let me remove weed toking from that list.  That would take out half my friends.

For the rest of us insomniacs who toss and turn while worrying about our health, kids, payments, shrinkflation, freaky politics, and our ‘Jobs’, we want to go somewhere and be brain dead for a week.

Vacations are for relaxing, rekindling, more rekindling, and escape.

There is no better place to escape to than a quality All-Inclusive Resort.

Let me tell you why I am addicted to all-inclusives.

I was working from 5:00a to 11:00p 7 days a week building a company that grew from 20 to over 500 teammates and over $100M in sales…….in 3 years.

Turning off my mind was not an option.

But I found that the harder I worked the more stupid decisions I made.  (I am not the sharpest tool in the shed)

I needed a vacation. 

So, I pulled a Griswold, rented an RV, and took the family on a week-long adventure driving from Virginia to Maine and back.

What a shitshow!

Every day, from the time I woke up until I could get my lips around a bottle of Jack Daniels, my day was decision after decision after decision.

“I’m hungry”

“Are we there yet?”

“Do we need gas?”

“What are we doing today?”

“I hate this, I hate my Sister, MOM!!!  MOM!!  He farted!!

And the worst thing was having to pull out my wallet constantly.

It was a never-ending calculation of how much money per hour this vacay was costing me.

I could not wait to get back to work…..

One day during a local happy hour, I was sharing my ‘memories’ with a friend when they said,  “Why don’t you try an all-inclusive resort?”

I said – WTF is an all-inclusive?

Don’t you sleep on futons,  wear a speedo, put your hair in a manbun – and learn French?

Hell no” my friend said

“The kids can eat when they want, they have lots to do and best of all, it’s hard for them to escape the resort – there are guards all over”

So, I took my friend’s suggestion and booked the Hard Rock in Riviera Maya Mexico.

What a freakin blast!

Foam Parties, Climbing walls, great entertainment, and a lagoon to snorkel in.

Lots of rekindling since we had what is called a ‘Lock out’.   The kids were in one room and we had our own…..with a door in between.

And, I never pulled out my wallet once while I was there for a week.


I know you need to get back to work.

But take my advice and look really closely at an all-inclusive vacation.

Especially if you want to grab a quickie vacay with your travel partner.

One more thing.

You’re going to wonder how you can take a week’s vacation at a 5 Star resort for such a low price.

It’s because most of these resorts make their money from the sale of – Vacation Clubs.

Between 8-15% of the vacationers end up dumping $25k to get discounted vacations.

In order to keep those numbers up, the resort is hyper-sensitive about everything being spotlessly clean, providing great food, and offering lots of fun activities (or romance).

So if you have an issue they take care of it immediately. 

They cannot afford to have people complaining to other guests.

Just beware, these Vacation Club salespeople are the best I have seen…….So do the numbers.

In the meantime, I’ll keep the sand warm for ya…….


P.S.  Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, and Wyndham have made major investments in All-Inclusive lately.

Follow the money…….

BTW – I couldn’t fit this in the RV.

Hard Rock Riviera Maya Water Park
Hard Rock Riviera Maya Water Park

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