$30M Xavage Park Opens at Xcaret

$30M Xavage Park at Xcaret opens
Xavage.com $30M Xavage Park at Xcaret opens

Are you ready for adventure….extreme, adrenaline pumping adventure?

In a NutshellXavage Park by Experiencias Xcaret is coming to the Cancun area with an opening date of December 10, 2018.  This isn’t your ordinary theme park either. $30M was pumped into this attraction with activities by land, air and water.  You can choose the level you feel compelled to do and unleash the power within ….that you didn’t know you had!

Perhaps you’ll begin with kayaking or the ropes course to get your blood pumping.

For those looking for more challenging activities, and they mean challenging, you can choose from any of these:

  • The Puma – Rock Crawler: Test your driving skills in an off road vehicle while navigating their obstacle course.
  • Hawk – Flight: Do you want to fly through the air?  This is on the horizontal zip line.
  • Dragonfly – Fierce Jet Boat: Have you been on a fast jet boat?  An expert captain is in charge here along with the unexpected in this test of speed.
  • Barracuda – Electrifying Rapids: This may be the ultimate test of teamwork as you raft down the rapids.

There are four admission levels ranging from $56 – $135 per adult based on their pre-launch pricing with 50% off for children (ages 5-11).
Xavage Soft includes admission + 1 extra activity.
Xavage Hard includes admission + 2 extra activities.
Xavage Extreme includes admission + 3 extra activites
Xavage Ultimate includes admission + 4 extra activities

So the question is……….are you bold enough for the Ultimate Experience?

Note: Admission to Xavage is currently included complimentary for guests of Hotel Xcaret, but since this could change please check with your travel agent when booking.

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