Couples Resorts – Romance Reward – The Nitty Gritty details

Couples Romance Rewards - The Nitty Gritty

Loyalty Programs are all the rage.

Marriott, Hyatt, Expedia, Hilton – these companies are pouring money into keeping customers coming back.

That is because – if you work the program correctly – you can get some HUGE goodies.

Couples Resorts’ loyalty program, called Romance Rewards, has some of the best goodies in the industry.

And Couples Resorts has one of the highest percentage of repeat customer in the industry.

In A Nutshell:  To join Couples Romance Rewards program, click here –  Check PricesCouples Resorts Romance Reward program – to get more info.  Couples does a great job of taking care of their repeat customers.  Many come back multiple times a year for many years in a row.   Click and see why…..

A quick recap of the Couples Resorts Romance Reward program:

Effortless Pre-Check-in Experience:
Members of Romance Rewards enjoy a seamless pre-check-in experience, including the option to provide flight details, make special requests, pre-select your mini-bar items, and more – all before your arrival.

Visit other Couples Properties – and they include Transportation.:
Grab a day pass and visit a sister Couples Resort property nearby. You can Eat and Drink at any of the sister resorts for free, and best of all, transportation is included.

Exclusive VIP Repeat Guest Dinner:
When you return to a Couples Resort, you will be invited to their exclusive VIP Repeat Guest Dinner celebrating your return. You’ll dine with the General Manager, top resort executives, and other devoted guests.

Use Resort Credits for lots of goodies:
Couples “resort credits” are the best in the industry and can make your stay truly unforgettable.  Their second Romance Rewards level (and above) includes resort credits that can be applied to room category upgrades upon arrival (subject to availability), spa and salon services, private dinners, photos and photo packages from resort photographers, telephone charges dialed from the room, General Manager’s special wine list, night snorkeling, gift shop, and romance packages.

Make Advance Reservations:
Their second Romance Rewards level (and above) includes the opportunity to make reservations in advance for both excursions and specialty restaurants.

The Romance Reward Levels:

When you return to any Couples Resort, as a member of their Romance Rewards Member loyalty program, you will be pampered with Members-Only VIP goodies, and other exclusive benefits based on these 5 levels.

  • First Love            |    0 – 5 nights stayed
  • Young Love         |    6 – 13 nights stayed
  • Renewed Love    |   14 – 23 nights stayed
  • Passionate Love |   24 – 49 nights stayed
  • Endless Love      |   50+ nights stayed

Additionally you can check-in online before arrival, to speed the process and get to your room quicker.

Learn More → Check PricesCouples Resorts Romance Reward program

Important Note: The Couples Resorts Romance Rewards points do expire if unused after 4 years, be sure to read all the fine print when joining.

We strongly encourage travelers to take advantage of Loyalty Programs..obviously they work best when you can earn the most by sticking to one Brand, but there’s no reason to not join more than one if you travel often enough to rack up the points and perks in each to a useful level.

I’ll keep the sand warm for ya…..


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