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When you pack for your all-inclusive vacation, you’re likely thinking “shorts and t-shirt for daytime – check….a dress and heels for dinner – check….“…but….”neon pink wig and glow sticks” or “sexy nurse costume – hmmm…should I bring a stethoscope?” might not be on your radar. Or is it?

In a nutshell: Check PricesTemptation Cancun Resort announced its line-up for 2023 Theme Nights filled with exciting, sexy, and provocative experiences in a party atmosphere.

This highly popular adults-only resort is planning for a sexy and uninhibited 2023!

Line-up of 2023 Theme Nights at Temptation Cancun

Get your groove on at one or all – this is where the magic happens.

Monday: Glitter Bomb – Show your sparkle and wear some glitter (where else will you get to shimmer?).
Dress Code: Glittering, Glamorous Outfits.

Tuesday: Ooh la Lingerie – This would be my favorite night (blushing)! Bring out the leather, bring out the lace.  And, Temptation Cancun promotes body positive vibes.  We need more of that! Am I right?
Dress Code: Lingerie for Women and Mask & Suspenders & shirt for Men.

Wednesday: Crazy Circus – Barnum & Bailey was never this wild! Live your running-away-with-the-circus dreams.
Dress Code: Sexy & creative circus characters.

Thursday: Burning Land – According to Temptation Cancun, Burning Land is an evening full of “artistic performances, fire, and fun, that will never be forgotten nor outdone” – the wilder your outfit the better!
Dress Code: None – Customize Your Own Creation (think “burning man”, and check out the Burning Man website for inspo!)

Saturday: Cosmic Bash – Like “Guardians of the Galaxy”, only sexier. Remember Princess Leia’s sexy bikini in the Jabba-in-the-desert scene from “Return of the Jedi”? You can out-do her, I just know it.
Dress Code: Galactic outfits.

Saturday: Foamy Neon – Don your fave glow-in-the-dark and neon gear and enjoy a visual experience filled with color and high energy…and FOAM!
Dress Code: Sexy neon swimwear (‘cuz foam is, you know, wet).

Sunday: Sexy Pirates – Ahoy, mateys! Grab an eye patch and frilly shirt and channel Jack Sparrow for a raucous time, whether you walk the plank or not…..Arrrrgh!
Dress Code: Sexy pirate attire. NO live parrots please.

There are times when only a visual will do …

And for your comfort, Check PricesTemptation Cancun Resort does have protocols in place – ‘Sexy and Sanitized’

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