No Lobsters – March to July

Luvin' Lobster
Luvin' Lobsters

Lobsters are looking for love in all the warm places.

Fortunately, they are only frisky from March to July.

During that time your jones for Surf and Turf will have to be supplied by some other Surf.

In A Nutshell:  Lobster season in the Caribbean and Mexico is closed from March to July (approx).  So don’t get cranky if you don’t see it on the menu.

In 2010 the governments got together and banned capturing lobster during their mating season.

We were wiping out the poor crustaceans.

And Countries are serious.

It’s a $50,000 +/-  fine and up to 10 years in jail if you’re caught peeking.


if a vacation without Larry the Lobster makes you crave Maine, then head on up and try to find water that won’t make your ankles numb and cause major shrinkage.

Btw…. I am from Maine so I know the impact of shrinkage on a vacation.

Fortunately, all-inclusive resorts have really upped their food quality in the last few years.

That gives you lots of other dishes to chose from while the Lobsters are shacking up.

Bone Appetite.


P.S.  If you’re on the cusp of March – and you flash your server a Benjamin – there may be one left in the freezer.   Just sayin’.

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