What Millennials Love About All Inclusive Resorts

What Millennials Love About All Inclusive Resorts

There are so many dreamy vacation destinations around Mexico and the Caribbean so it can be stressful finding the perfect one for you.

That’s why millennials are so drawn to all-inclusive resorts.

So let’s get started on What Millennials Love About All Inclusive Resorts

Every age group might be looking for something a little different, but there are two things that remain the same:

  • Millennials want the best food and drink options possible
  • And perfect proximity to the best beaches and pools so they never have to leave the confines of their heavenly oasis

Millennials want to see that the value is there: if it’s all inclusive, then everything should be included.

And not only that, they ask themselves, am I getting the most bang for my buck?

This doesn’t mean the most inexpensive option.

It appears that this age group is in fact happy to pay more for something luxurious, but the value ought to be there.

After research and discussion with a variety of millennials, this means they are most excited for a resort with a plethora of restaurants, extensive menu lists with a variety of different cuisines, and unlimited premium cocktails.

Resorts like Check PricesHotel Xcaret have the perfect appeal for this age group with their special, “Gastronomic Group of Hoteles Xcaret”.

This Gastronomic Group has a committee which selects chefs for its premiere restaurants. Check PricesHotel Xcaret Mexico features 2 Michelin star rated chefs who have created unique experiences for each guest to remember.

And for the individuals who want to share their experiences on Instagram, there is no experience that is shy of the perfect shot that is sure to make all of your followers wish they were there.

Not only can you enjoy a wide variety of dishes at each restaurant, but you can even do so while inside of a cave with views of the river, or perhaps enjoy some surf and turf right next to the ocean.

What Millennials Love About All Inclusive Resorts
Hotel Xcaret Mexico

The next most important reason on what millennials love about all inclusive resorts is the proximity and access to several pools, ocean views, and sandy beaches.

Many resorts or perhaps vacation rentals will also have stunning grounds and perhaps access to a swimming pool, but one thing they might not have is the proximity to a beach or included activities that can be reached in just a minute’s walk.

One perk that all-inclusive resorts like Check PricesUNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya offers is the easy access to a swimmable beach just steps away from a guestroom.

What Millennials Love About All Inclusive Resorts
Unico Hotel Riviera Maya

When each guest was asked what they think of when they hear the words all-inclusive they think: Tropical. Beaches. Oceans. Sun-kissed. Ultimate Experience.

Little preparation and planning is required so that each guest can be fully taken care of.

Unwind, relax by the pool and beach, enjoy the activities at the resort, or perhaps, if wanted, connect with the concierge to set up an off property excursion.

Most off-property excursions will have a fee, of course, but most all inclusive resorts will have pre-planned excursions so that all one has to do is sign up and show up!

While having ample time to relax, millennial guests will want to engage in authentic experiences that they will never forget.

Exploring the town and immersing in local activities is also key, and resorts such as Grand Velas and Check PricesUNICO 20°87° offer exactly that….in fact UNICO will pair guests with local (vetted and certified) guides.

At Hotel Xcaret Arte, each guest can find unique options to explore the variety of parks nearby, whether that’s ziplining through Riviera Maya, enjoying a traditional Mexican dinner with locals, white water rafting, or taking a night swim in stunning natural caves.

And even better—all transportation is included.

The ease with which one can explore the town, or the coastal reefs, is of utmost importance and another example of what millennials love about all inclusive resorts.

And I think it’s evident what millennials love about all inclusive resorts.

Voluntourism is also of great interest for many millennial travelers today.

Not only do these millennial travelers want to experience a fun and exciting getaway, they also want to be able to give back to the community that they are visiting.

While they immerse themselves in doing good work they are also able to learn more about the people and the culture at the destination they are visiting.


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